The Echo Valley Art Group, established in 1945, is an organization limited to 25 professional artists of a broad range of ages and styles, working and creating in the Lancaster County area. Membership is by invitation, with artist selection based on their exhibition history, career development, participation in the arts community, and what they add to the group. EVAG meets monthly to discuss their work and current art events, and to organize their annual exhibit of new work, and other exhibits. They hold an annual auction of affordable original art, with the intent of sharing their artwork with their community and collectors, and to raise funds to support the arts in Lancaster.

Echo Valley Art Group 2011 Annual Exhibition at Westchester University

Everyone has incredible stories to tell and a lot of knowledge to offer.

The current members of the Echo Valley Art Group are Abby Rudisill, Daniel Burns, Ann DeLaurentis,  Rob EvansMilt Friedly, Jim Gallagher, Jeff Geib, Claire Giblin, Susan Gottleib, Richard Huck, Heather Heilman, Robert Lyon, Carol Morgan, Richard Ressel, Peg Richards, Brant Schuller, Carol Toner Shane,  Ellen Slupe, Scott Spangler, Richard Whitson, Jerome Hershey, Scott Cantrell Kim Klein DePaul, and emeritus members Ronald Sykes, Kenneth Kirsten, Carol Galligan, Carol Anspach Kenneth Hoak, and Joann Hensel.